International Network

As part of a drive to improve the training of Senegalese and African executives, the Supdeco Dakar Group is committed to opening up to the international scene. Its visibility and the quality of its programmes have led to important partnerships.

We collaborate with them

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Education Abroad

Opening up internationally is an opportunity and a requirement for each of our students. Companies are looking for intercultural profiles that are open to the world.

The intercultural is acquired through internationalization. More than an apprenticeship, it is an experience of life. It is a confrontation with other forms of education, with different rhythms of work, with different pedagogical requirements, with different cultural and social codes.

It is also, by cultivating openness to others, to learn more about oneself, to gain independence, maturity and confidence. Finally, it means giving way to encounters and opportunities.

The internationalisation strategy developed by the Group (international partnerships, hosting students from all over the world, double degrees, international teachers, etc.) contributes to shaping these international profiles:

Academic mobility encouraged
Immersion into different cultures during stays at one of our partner universities or during internships abroad

The development of language skills in cooperation with our Language Institute.
Groupe Sup de Co is resolutely international: 40% of its students come from other backgrounds, has signed more than twenty partnerships around the world, receives more than fifty visiting professors and some of the programmes offered are taught in English.

Groupe Sup de Co’s network of international partners demonstrates the Group’s desire to focus more and more on the international scene. Groupe Sup de Co allows its students to combine a course in Senegal and continue their studies at one of our partner universities.

Our exchange semesters

Groupe Sup de Co Dakar gives its students the opportunity to spend part of their studies at a partner university with the following objectives:

  • familiarization with new pedagogical methods,
  • Improving one’s level of language in total immersion
  • Discovering a new culture and another way of learning
  • Self-confidence and gain in independence by confronting a new experience
  • Enhancing its international career with recruiters
  • Consolidation of intercultural skills by learning to communicate and work in another culture.
  • Students taking part of their studies abroad may, depending on the host university, obtain a dual degree.


SUP DE CO is a private institution of higher education and interdisciplinary research, located in
Dakar, Thies and Saint Louis. With its campuses in Dakar, Thiès and Saint Louis, SUPDÉCO occupies a unique place in the Senegalese
in the Senegalese educational landscape.

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