Associative life at Supdeco offers students the opportunity to carry out projects as a team, to learn how to take responsibility. It is considered an essential component of the training of the Group’s students and is assessed in the same way as academic knowledge.

Students can choose to become involved in twenty or so clubs or create one. They are supervised by a person in charge of community life and by tutors. At every stage of their projects, they benefit from the advice of experts, teachers in marketing, finance or management.

Among the most important clubs, we can count:

  • The Students Office (BDE) organizes and coordinates the community life of the school (orientation week, gala evenings, African Day etc.), it also provides the interface between the students and the administration of the Sup de Co .
  • The JPCE: Junior Company is managed by the students themselves and conducts studies on behalf of companies.
  • Sup de co humanitarian promotes solidarity and friendship within the school through mobilizing activities and also conducts humanitarian activities for children and supports the underprivileged.
  • Sup de co Culture promotes African culture, but also corporate culture.
  • Sup de co Travel aims to help the students to discover Senegal and Africa through excursions.
  • English club: Promote the use of English among students and enhance their proficiency.


Training managers at Sup de Co Dakar incorporates, in addition to knowledge and professional skills, sport activity perfectly integrated into the curriculum.
All students are obliged to exercise a sport, under the guidance of qualified teachers of sports. The activity is evaluated and the grade integrated in the calculation of the average grade of the student.

The intensity of the efforts and the means invested in this sector allowed Sup De Co to generate national and international champions like Olga BAMPOKY, African champion of karate, Khady BOYE, African champion of judo, etc.
Physical activity and sport is an integral and compulsory part within the group. The Group also provides its students and Administration with a sports center open 7 days on 7.

The Sup de Co Cross – country race

Recognizing the crucial function of sport in the optimal development and healthy growth of individuals, the Group has been organizing, since May 2005, the Sup de Co Cross – Country running.This event is a major one in the academic and sporting calendar. It brings together each year nearly one thousand (1000) runners.
This is a good time which brings together the main players in the Group’s life : teachers, students, partners and many guests. Athletes, enthusiasts and amateur storm the major streets of Dakar.

Sup de Co Games

Held on the fringes of the African Day, the Sup de Co games bring students, Sup de Co staff and numerous guests together. They compete sportingly in several sports. All in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The Documentation and Information Center (CDI)

In addition to a high-level faculty, Groupe Supdeco Dakar provides students with high-quality teaching resources. These include the CDI and the Computer Centres.

A veritable knowledge niche, the CDI contains several books from collections covering the fields of management, marketing, human resources, finance, economics, business law, taxation, transport and logistics.


CDI has a constantly updated collection of some 2,000 books. 90% of these books are in French. In addition to the general collection, users can also consult novels and essays and “usual” collections (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, etc.). Books are selected based on our procurement policy. CDI users may also offer to purchase a book.


CDI offers about 20 titles from the Senegalese and foreign economic and generalist press. The magazines are displayed at the display in front of the CDI entrance. The daily newspapers of the day are always on the reading table.


Students do internships during the course, after which they are required to submit an annual report. In addition, at the end of their training, students support a dissertation which they also submit to the CDI.

In addition, Groupe Supdeco Dakar has just joined the Cyberlibris platform. This is done with the aim of ensuring to its clients and collaborators a permanent access to knowledge, through the best published works in the world.

Indeed, Cyberlis is the first European platform for digital resources entirely dedicated to food and economy, with a community of tens of thousands of students, teachers and managers in France and abroad.

In particular, Cyberlibris provides on-line access in full text to a collection of about 14,000 books in French and English sourced from the leading international publishing houses (Dalloz, Dunod, Maxima, Gualino, La Découverte, Bloomberg Press, John International Wiley & Sons, McGraw-HiLL, etc.)..

The Computer Center

Aware of the importance of Information and Communication Technologies, SupdeCo Group, a pioneer in the training of engineers in IT and telecommunications in Senegal, from its inception, took the option of creating a modern computer center equipped with advanced equipment for each of its departments.

Computer centers located on each of the Group’s campus have ultra-sophisticated equipment and are entirely composed of computers running Windows 8 only; thanks to a fruitful partnership with US giant Microsoft a first in Senegal, a first in Senegal.
With Computer Centres, SupdeCo campus are available full wifi and internet access is totally free. In addition, students and teachers can have access to the latest equipment to facilitate the administration of courses and exams.


In a megalopolis like Dakar, where access to real estate has become a lucrative business, the provision of a university residence with an international vocation is a unique opportunity for students, especially those from other countries.
The Supdeco Group, deeply committed to the student cause and particularly sensitive to the conditions of study and the well-being of students, has conceived this residency project to strengthen its support tools for students, with the aim of ensuring their success.

  • A modern reception device.
  • A living space that combines comfort, innovation and safety of individual equipment for optimal working conditions.
  • These are spaces distributed harmoniously and combining conviviality and performance with the aim of promoting your integration.
  • Quiet location, the area is easily accessible while being located and in the city center.
  • High-speed Internet access ensures continuity of work even at home.
  • A security guard service that ensures the safety of residents.
  • A reception service (24/24) for easy access and reliable information.


  • Open of the Mayor of Dakar 2019: Mouhamed Diagne Silver Medalist
  • Grand Prix of the Head of State: Elhadji Babacar Seye, graduated in bachelor’s degree 3 from the
  • Mercure department, player in the UASSU Group basketball team
  • “Mot d’Or” contest: Melissa Yarabé Laureate UQAM Bachelor student at Supdeco wins the Grand Prix
  • Challenge Iot-Telemedicine: Team “Sky Eyes” takes the bet
  • A competition launched by the School of Engineering and Technology of the Supdeco Dakar Group, in partnership with the company Inch Technologies, has been awarded to the “Sky Eyes” team.
  • Winner of the 2019 Gaïndé Start-up Challenge: The Codel Tech Imagination Team, Supdeco Technology
  • First prize of the French Improvisation Contest of Toastmasters International Division D, Mr. Farouk HAMADOU DJIDA,


SUP DE CO is a private institution of higher education and interdisciplinary research, located in
Dakar, Thies and Saint Louis. With its campuses in Dakar, Thiès and Saint Louis, SUPDÉCO occupies a unique place in the Senegalese
in the Senegalese educational landscape.

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