A resounding success for the launch of the School of Economics of the Supdeco Dakar Group

November 24, 2023 will remain engraved in the annals of the Supdeco Dakar Group, as the School of Economics was officially launched during a memorable ceremony at the Axil Hotel, Avenue Macky Sall (Ex Faidherbe).

Under the patronage of Mr Bathelemy DIAS, Mayor of the City of Dakar and President of the World Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy, the event attracted a crowd of eminent personalities, economic authorities and business representatives.

The day began with an inaugural ceremony, where the Supdeco Dakar Group, proudly celebrating its 30 years of educational excellence, shared its inspiring vision for the School of Economics. This new school positions itself as a driving force for the future, offering students an in-depth understanding of economic, social and environmental mechanisms. At a time when global challenges require innovative thinking, the School of Economics is an incubator of ideas and initiatives that will shape the economic landscape of Africa.

Over the past three decades, the Supdeco Dakar Group has demonstrated its constant commitment to quality education, training generations of competent and visionary students. The School of Economics is naturally part of this tradition of excellence, taking Supdeco’s mission to the next level.

A panel, a forum for innovative ideas and perspectives

The conference on “Economy, Social and Environment: Which Bridge for the Sustainable Development of African Organisations” moderated by Pr. Abdou Kane

Full Professor-Agrégé in Economics- Vice Dean of the FASEG(UCAD), Dr. Awa DIOUF, Expert in Environment and Sustainable Development and Mr. Mourade Dièye GUEYE, Secretary General of the City of Dakar was the highlight of the event. There were enriching discussions, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in Africa.

The School of Economics of the Supdeco Dakar Group has now officially taken off, with a strong commitment to educational excellence and support for economic development in Africa. This launch marks the beginning of a new era of opportunity and collaboration for all who aspire to shape the continent’s economic future.

Our thanks to the City of Dakar and President of the World Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy.