“Supply Chain Day 2023” – Superior Institute of Transport Supdeco Dakar

« Supply Chain Day 2023 » - Institut Supérieur des Transports Supdeco Dakar

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the “SUPPLY CHAIN DAY” took place in the premises of the Supdeco Campus Point E group, an event organized by the Higher Institute of Transport of the Supdeco Dakar group, specialized in transport and logistics.

The objective of this day is to allow our students to get better acquainted with this concept, to verify the assimilation of the course but also the application of the theory through practical work. It was oriented on a pedagogical but also playful approach in order to mix the useful with the pleasant

On the programme, a morning lecture on the Supply Chain moderated by Mr. Boumy GUEYE, Director Suply Chain of SOBOA, followed by various games presented in a friendly atmosphere.

The conference focused on how the Supply Chain is understood in Africa, particularly in Senegal, but also on the obstacles related to Supply Chain Management practices.

The day ended with presentations of the work of our students in the form of posters on the diagnosis of the performance of the supply chain of companies.

Congratulations to all the students of the 3rd year of the IST and well done to the winning team of this edition 2023.

See you next year for the second edition.