Zoom on Maleye Faye – Managing Director of BDK Group. # Pride Leadership

Graduate of the first class of the Grande École Program and sponsor of the 21st class of Supdeco.

With a career of almost 25 years in the banking sector, Mr. Faye held successively the positions of Risk Director, Deputy Chief Executive Officer before being promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Banque d’Abidjan.

“It was in 2020 that he returned to BDK to occupy the position of Managing Director until today.

Maleye FAYE has a very good reputation as a professional, rigorous and reliable. Under his leadership, the Bank of Dakar continues to progress with record performances every year.

The BDK Group is present in four countries through: – two subsidiaries Banks: Banque de Dakar (BDK) in Senegal and Banque d’Abidjan (BDA) in Côte d’Ivoire – three subsidiaries in meso-finance: Crédit-Kash Senegal, Guinea and Mali” about Confidentiel Afrique newspaper

The Supdeco Group is proud to have him as a sponsor at the graduation ceremony for the 21st and 22nd promotions.

All his godchildren wish him good luck in his new duties in 2023.

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