Bachelor’s thesis defences at the Institut Mercure

For the academic year 2022-2023, the students at the end of the first cycle of the Mercure Institute have started the presentation of their Bachelor’s dissertations.

At the end of the defenses, the supervisors and presidents of the jury salute the quality of the oral presentation and the content of the documents. A big congratulations to all those who have passed this great academic step and our encouragement to those who must retake it. The graduates of the previous classes now hold high positions in the most successful companies in Africa and in the world.

As a reminder, the Mercure Institute is one of the flagship departments of the Supdeco Group, specialized in professional training and offering professional licenses. One of the particularities of the Mercure Institute is the school-enterprise alternation system. After two years of a common core of business management, students specialize in the third year, which ends with a presentation. There are two types of exams : internship reports and thesis writing.) Finally, the other particularity of the Institut Mercure is the accompaniment of the students by the Career center for the insertion of the students through the network of the alumni and many other partner companies of the Group.