Book Week: the Supdeco Group Reading Club celebrates the return to the source

On Monday, March 20, 2023, was held at the Grand National Theatre Doudou Ndiaye Coumba Rose, the opening ceremony of the Book Week under the chairmanship of the Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, Professor Aliou SOW. Registered under the seal of the 30th anniversary of the Supdeco Group, this Week is an unprecedented project of the Reading Club of the group.

The aim of this successful initiative is to give the book its full place in the public debate in order to encourage the younger generation to read more in order to cultivate, flourish, discover and travel in order to attack the world in its complexity.

Attic par excellence of all knowledge, of all sciences, the promoters of the club are convinced that books should be promoted everywhere. That is why the Minister of Culture stressed in his speech that he did not hesitate for a moment to encourage this project and to honour with his presence the opening ceremony of Book Week, which, moreover, was carried by young people with a very deep civic conscience.

In the same vein and, after thanking the Minister for believing in this cultural adventure, the President of the Reading Club, Miss Ndèye Bator DIOUF also hammered the importance of promoting books and reading. Speaking to the Minister, she said: “By coming this morning to preside over this ceremony, you are showing that a book club is needed everywhere, we need to create more and promote it.”

Minister Aliou SOW, after recalling his friendly and sustained relations with the founding president of Supdeco, Mr. Aboubacar Sedikhe SY, praised the colossal efforts of this institution in the production and promotion of the book, in particular with Les Editions du Commerce, its publishing house. The Minister thus affirmed his full willingness to support these efforts through the mechanisms of his Ministry, without failing to make strong announcements, in particular significant financial support to the Club for the development of its projects or the support planned for equipping Supdeco’s documentation and information centres.