Back to the Alumni Talk Session at the Mercure Institute: Business Priority, according to Babacar Ndiaye

The Mercure Institute of the Supdeco Dakar Group, which focuses on alternance training, recently hosted a very enriching Alumni Talk Session on Friday 1 March 2024. The event took place in the amphitheatre of the Point E campus, featuring Mr.Babacar Ndiaye, Private Client Advisor at the Islamic Bank of Senegal.

The captivating theme of the session was “Customer Relationship, Priority of the Company”. The students had the opportunity to explore this crucial subject first-hand, guided by Mr.Ndiaye’s experience and in-depth knowledge in the field.

The amphi of the Point E campus was the scene of stimulating discussions, where our students actively participated by asking pertinent questions to the guest of honour. The session provided valuable insight into the strategic importance of putting the customer relationship at the heart of any business.

Mr. Babacar Ndiaye, with his experience as an individual client advisor, shared invaluable insights on the challenges and opportunities related to customer relationship management in the banking industry. His presentation highlighted the positive impact that a customer-centric approach can have on a company’s growth and reputation.

In addition to the discussions on the main topic, Mr.Ndiaye also took the time to review his career at the Mercure Institute. This retrospective allowed students to better understand the links between the education received at the Mercure Institute and the real challenges of the professional world.

The Alumni Talk Session was thus an exceptional opportunity for our students to benefit from the experience of a successful alumni and gain concrete perspectives on the crucial importance of the customer relationship in the business world.

We warmly thank Mr.Babacar Ndiaye for his enriching contribution and encourage our students to continue exploring and learning within the Supdeco community.