Renewal of the partnership agreement between Supdeco Dakar Group and BICIS BNP Paribas Group – An alliance to facilitate the integration of students

More than 25 years after the signing of their first agreement, the two institutions met on 31 January to renew the Partnership Agreement that has existed since 1997. Accompanied by the Director of Human Resources, the Director of BICIS, Samir Mezine, said he was proud to be able to spot talent within the Supdeco group.

The Deputy Director General, Mr. Abdou Aziz Sy to specify that within the group “the company is part of the training”. It also magnified the fact that the BICIS is one of the institutions that enable the rapid integration of young professionals.

This agreement will help to strengthen the expertise potential of both parties in order to carry out their respective projects effectively. It is an effective initiative to contribute to the sustainable development of companies by pooling the resources and expertise of the parties and their demonstrated willingness to meet development challenges together.