RDV MBA of the Supdeco Dakar Group

Bringing together professionals and experts, the 1st edition of the MBA RDV offered a unique platform to explore the advanced educational opportunities offered by the Supdeco Dakar Group. Captivating discussions, dynamic presentations and fruitful exchanges marked this memorable day.

It was Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at the Group’s Point E Campus

The Supdeco Group highlighted its MBA programs, highlighting their relevance in the current professional landscape. Participants had the opportunity to understand how these programs can contribute to their professional development and the development of cutting-edge skills.

Speakers, experienced professionals and distinguished teachers, shared their knowledge and expertise, thus providing an in-depth overview of the specific areas covered in Supdeco Dakar MBAs. Participants also had the opportunity to ask direct questions and receive one-on-one advice.

The event demonstrated Supdeco Dakar’s ongoing commitment to providing quality educational programmes and promoting excellence in the professional world.