Our Alumni Shine Around the World | Alumni of the Month – Yacine PADANE CAMARA EXPORT AND TREASURY MANAGER

Yacine PADANE CAMARA has done all her university studies at the Dakar Business School. She joined the Supdeco Dakar Group in 2012, where she obtained her Brevet de Technicien Supérieur in Transport and Logistics two years later. She continued in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Transport and Logistics. She then decided to continue for a Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management with the theme of her defense: “The impact of management and operations on air cargo in Senegal: Case of Senegal Handling Services in 2017” which resulted in a “Very good”. His academic training and professional experiences have enabled him to acquire the knowledge and qualities necessary in the field of logistics.

Her professional career began at SHS – Senegal Handling Services (cargo area) in 2013 as a trainee at the position of cargo operations agent. Her mission is to carry out the processing of parcels and documents. In 2015, she held another position still as a trainee at BIS-CTT (Consignment Transit and Transport) as a Transit Agent. From 2016 to 2017, she returned to SHS as an Operations, GSA, and Import agent. In addition, she is in charge of freight processing (Export-Import), export quotation, import documentary remittance fee calculation, and commercial processing of customer needs.

With all these experiences, she joined TRANSWORLD in January 2018, as a logistics manager (company specialized in the transport of containers by road). During her tenure, she is in charge of processing parts purchase orders with suppliers, coordinating the team’s logistics activity, supervising the validity of administrative documents for vehicles and drivers as well as planning mandatory vehicle inspections and their receipt, and finally processing transport requests according to human and material resources. In April 2019, she joined the YAKHINE Group, specialized in the sale of construction materials, to take care of the entire distribution chain for better customer satisfaction.

Her meteoric rise in the professional world continues in the most beautiful ways. Indeed, in 2020, Yacine is recruited at SOCIÉTÉ UNIVERSAL CARGO SERVICES and becomes Manager of the export department and the treasury. Until today, she oversees the treatment of the parcels and documents to the export, of the treatment, follow-up and classification of the invoices and receipts of various financial operations.

We wish her well in her professional career. We are happy to know that she carries the values of the Supdeco group.