Our Alumni shine all over the world | Alumni of the month – ABOUDRAMANE KEITA-MANAGER IT /BANQUE

Alumni Supdeco Dakar - Abdouramane Keita

Aboudramane KEITA joined the Supdeco Dakar Group in 2009, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in information system development language Php, Python, Java and database administration in the ESITEC department dedicated to computer training. In 2012, he obtained his Masters in Monetics and Digital Certification and Project Management. He has been Professor of Monetics, Anti-Fraud Management and DAB NDC Protocol at ESITEC.

His professional career began in 2011 as a monetary support engineer at GIM UEMOA (Dakar) until 2016. He has been in charge of the management of the fight against fraud, as well as technical and monetary support for just over 120 subsidiaries in 8 countries in West Africa. In 2016 he joined Société Générale in Dakar at the CSM Paiement & Mobile level as Head of Monetary Support.

In 2018 he became Head of the Currency Exchange Unit with more than 20 employees under his responsibility, with the task of managing the currency project portfolio for 11 subsidiaries in sub-Saharan Francophone Africa, managing anomalies, providing technical assistance to subsidiaries and setting up quality and performance indicators for activities under his supervision.

In 2019, Aboudramane joined the Money Processor Migration Program at Société Générale African Business Services in Casablanca (Morocco). His mission was to pilot the construction sites of the new monetary core for the domains (acquisition/issuance/accounting) and the certification of the new system of subsidiaries with domestic, regional and international networks.

Today, Aboudramane is an expert in electronic payment systems with 11 years of proven banking experience. He holds the position of Deployment Manager for the Cash Management Tools Migration Program at Société Générale Africain Business Services in Casablanca.

We wish him every success in his professional career. We are pleased to know that it upholds the values of the Supdeco Group.