The Supdeco Dakar Group unveils its educational horizon during a successful open day

On October 3, 2023, the Supdeco Dakar Group opened its doors to prospective students. The open day provided a unique opportunity to explore the numerous training opportunities offered by the renowned business school.

Discussions centered around the fields of management, computer science and engineering, law, languages and communication, economics, transportation and logistics, as well as Public Management. Participants had the chance to engage with the directors of different schools, gaining valuable insights into academic programs and career prospects.

The applauded diversity of training offerings underscored the ongoing commitment of the Supdeco Dakar Group to prepare students for excellence in various sectors. The active participation of school directors added a personalized dimension to the event, allowing visitors to grasp the passion underlying each program.

This open day marked a significant milestone in the mission of the Supdeco Dakar Group to shape the future of its students. Participants left the event with a thorough understanding of the educational opportunities available, ready to embark on their academic journey with confidence.

Registrations are still open for the academic year 2023-2024.

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