The digital conference with the Mercure Supdeco Institute

Digital transformation is a process that helps companies adapt to the changing technology landscape and uses technology to make your business more efficient and profitable. By automating tasks, adopting cloud solutions, and using data analytics, you can improve communication, collaboration, and productivity.

As such, the Mercury Institute, which specialises in alternance training, organised a conference on digital technology, a tool to boost the performance of companies, on Tuesday 24 January 2023, starting at 10 am.
Hosted by Mr Achime Malick NDIAYE, Director of Information and Communication Technologies at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Telecommunications, the conference aimed to show how companies can boost their performance through digital technology.

At his side, Mr. Vladmir Nahan FEIKERAM, Heads of Masters at the SET and Mr. Chris Gael MALONGA, Head of the Mercure Institute, Mr. Enock MAMBOU, Fullstack Developer of the Group.