International Women’s Rights Day #IWD #8 March

Did you know that over 60% of our workforce are women?

The school has been committed to the issue of equity since its inception. A historic commitment, supported by the entire educational community of the Supdeco Group and at all levels of the institution.

The Supdeco Group has always set itself the mission of inspiring and supporting all actions in favour of diversity and inclusion.

On the occasion of the #Internationalwomendsday several awareness-raising and mobilization activities dedicated to the fight for women’s rights were organised by the BDE Supdeco.

A panel whose theme was “Women’s Leadership and Transmission” led by 5 inspiring women, including 4 graduates of the Supdeco Group:

  • Ms. Zoubida Fall, Founder of Kokalam, Initiator of the podcast “Women’s Conversations”
  • Ms. Adjaratou Mariama Diallo BA, Director of Payment Systems and Digital Banking at the Bank of Dakar (BDK), Supdeco Diploma
  • Ms. Ndeye Fatou Sarr SANE, Director of the Thalès Africa Institute, Supdeco graduate
  • Ms. Ndeye Bineta DIOP, Director of Microsen, Supdeco graduate
  • Ms. Henriette FAYE, CEO SeaFood sn, Supdeco graduate

Women remain largely underrepresented, yet women’s voices remain essential to achieving a better and sustainable working environment.

This panel was an opportunity to return to women’s leadership and transmission through high-content messages.
They discussed the importance and opportunities offered by associative life, personal development, self-confidence, commitment…

  • Exhibitions on African female references with the aim of developing an empirical and “embodied” approach to today’s femininity
  • Creative activities: Sketch, Chorale, Slam, etc.

A big thank you to our inspiring panelists for sharing their experiences and advice with the youngest.

Congratulations to the NDEs and especially to all our students.

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