Graduation – Celebration of Achievements at Supdeco Campus Banjul: A Memorable Day

A graduation filled with solemnity and pride.

It took place within the majestic Sir Dawda Jawara Conference Center, at the heart of Gambia, where the 1st and 2nd graduating classes of Supdeco Campus Banjul were honored.

The ceremony commenced under the auspices of a promising dawn, symbolizing the start of a new era for bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate students. Faces illuminated by radiant smiles reflected years of effort, learning, and perseverance that led to this unique moment.

Nearly 600 people, joining their congratulations and applause, formed a warm audience, witnesses to the success of these exceptional graduates. Graduation gowns floated in the air, symbolizing the transition to new horizons.

Professor Pierre GOMEZ, Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology of the Republic of The Gambia, Mr. Abdoul Aziz SY, Deputy General Manager of the Supdeco Group, Mrs. Juka F JABANG – Chairman, Governing Council: SUPDECO / MDI, Dr. Yusupha TOURAY – Permanent Secretary, MOHERST: Governing Council Member, Prof FANNEH: Dean SBPA, UTG – Governing Council Member, Mr. Njundu FATTY – CEO Supersonicz: Governing Council Member participated in this ceremony.

MDI, an unwavering partner of Supdeco Banjul, co-organized this memorable event, adding an extra dimension to the celebration and highlighting the importance of partnerships in educational success.

Each academic program, whether bachelor’s, master’s, or postgraduate, was individually honored, showcasing the diversity of academic achievements at Supdeco Banjul. Graduates walked the stage with pride, receiving their diplomas from the benevolent hands of the dignitaries present.

This graduation day wasn’t just the end of a chapter but the beginning of a new adventure for each graduate. Inspiring speeches, moments of reflection, and sincere accolades created an atmosphere filled with emotion and accomplishment.

Congratulations to the brilliant graduates of Supdeco Banjul; may this graduation ceremony mark the start of an exceptional journey. We salute the dedication, perseverance, and excellence that characterized your academic path. The future is yours, and we are confident that you will continue to make an indelible mark in your respective fields.

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