Gorée goes to Supdeco: A Committed Commemoration of Black History Month

The “Gorée goes to Supdeco” project recently came to life at the Faidherbe Campus of the Supdeco Group, celebrating Black History Month through a series of significant events. In partnership with « Association des Amis du Musée Historique du Senegal », this educational initiative aims to highlight the island of Gorée, an emblematic witness to the history of the slave trade.

The official opening ceremony, which took place on February 26, marked the beginning of an exhibition program designed to provide an emotional, educational and commemorative experience. Students and visitors had the opportunity to delve into the collective memories associated with this period of Africa, while exploring the resilience and hopes that have emerged, as well as the challenges faced by cultured, committed and mission-conscious youth.

On February 29, the campus was buzzing with exciting activities, beginning with a vernissage showcasing works of art and history. The performances of the clubs, including the English Club, the ICT Club and the Art Club, added an interactive dimension to the event, engaging the community in discussions and creative expressions.

The highlight of the day was the panel “Memory, Transmission and Higher Education in Africa”, moderated by Professor Penda Mbow. This enlightening discussion addressed crucial issues related to higher education in Africa, highlighting the importance of passing on memory to forge a conscious and committed youth.

Bringing together education, emotion and commemoration, “Gorée Goes to Supdeco” is an essential initiative, providing a meaningful platform to understand the past and envision an enlightened future.