Ecole-Entreprise – The Supdeco Dakar Group and the Kirène Group sign a partnership agreement

The Supdeco Dakar Group and the Kirène Group have today signed a partnership agreement at the Point E campus amphitheatre. A partnership to the great benefit of the students.

As part of this classic partnership, a major meeting was held in the presence of Mr Alexandre ALCANTARA, Managing Director of the Kirène Group, Mr Abdoul Aziz SY, Deputy Managing Director of the Supdeco Dakar Group, Ms Julienne GOMIS, Head of Human Resources of the Kirène Group, Mr Ousmane FASSA, Director of Corporate Relations of the Supdeco Group, Ms Nadia KADDOURRA, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Kirène Group, and directors and managers of both entities.

This partnership with the Kirène Group is of great importance as it presents enormous opportunities not only for students, but also represents a new vision of Senegal. The agreement thus formalises the commitment and investment of the Supdeco Group and Kirène to work together over the long term and to develop a win-win partnership around recruitment, outreach and professional projects.

In addition, the partnership will allow us to recruit our students in the form of internships or jobs and will allow employees of the Kirène group to benefit from executive training in order to strengthen their management skills.

By sealing this partnership with this multinational, the Supdeco Group strengthens its close relationships with companies.

All students who would like to benefit from this partnership are asked to send their CV to the Supdeco Career Center at:

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