Concours Archimède: a second edition for the continuous promotion of the sciences and professions of the future

In order to promote scientific subjects, the Ecole scientifique internationale d’excellence (ESIEX), a 100% scientific high school belonging to the Group, has organised, in partnership with FORCE-N (UVS), the 2nd edition of the Archimede competition to identify and support the best students in its fields. We received more than 1,500 students from several regions of Senegal for this 2nd edition of the competition and spread over several centers: ESIEX Dakar, ESIEX Thiès, Yeumbeul, Kaolack and Saint-Louis.

The best in each level will receive, in order of merit, large prizes as prizes. (computers – manuals, etc.)

The latest national assessments, in particular the baccalaureate, have shown a decline in the level of students in science subjects. To this end, ESIEX, with the support of FORCE-N (UVS), intends to provide baccalaureate candidates with the necessary resources to guide them and help them in scientific fields.

“To fight for the employability of young people, we need to popularize the sciences and trades of the future,” says the Director of the Institute, Dr. Abdoulaye Djidiack Sarr. According to the teacher-researcher, a large majority of young students choose literary series simply because of a lack of information or assistance. While at ESIEX, “after the baccalaureate, they have the tools and know the jobs of the future”.

This Archimedes competition allows students to be tested and to identify special talents: the best in mathematics, life and earth sciences (SVT), physics chemistry PC and English.