[Amphi de rentrée] Throw back on the 3-day welcome for newcomers to the School of Management

The first-year students attended an inaugural conference on Ethics and the Group’s values, a theme dear to the Supdeco Group. Why? How does the school prepare its future young graduates to face the challenges of the world that await them?

To open these days of welcome. Mr. Abdoul Aziz SY, Director General of the school, Dr. Falilou Bane, Director of the School of Management and other officials within the SOM, gave the trend of what awaits our new students; An academic year with a strengthening of the hybridization of skills, new teaching methods, more community life, more entrepreneurship, more international».

The tone is set, the year is launched!

These 3 days were punctuated by seminars and workshops on personal development, interculturality, CSR, digital and creativity led by various program managers and experts.