Amphi de rentrée 2023 – the beginning of a new chapter

The Faidherbe campus of the Supdeco Dakar Group resounded with enthusiasm on 5 December 2023 during the re-entry amphi dedicated to new recruits. The event was a captivating immersion into the academic and professional world that awaits students.

The day began with a warm welcome, creating an atmosphere conducive to discovery. Mamadou Diop, Secretary General, kicked off with an inspiring welcome, stressing the importance of education and the Supdeco community.

The Academic Director, Ms Yasmine Sy SARR, then spoke, sharing her educational vision and encouraging newcomers to embrace learning opportunities.

The highlight of the morning was the presentation of the Principals of Schools and Teams, highlighting the academic pillars of Supdeco. The different Directorates, from International Relations to the Supdeco Business Incubator, were unveiled, giving students an insight into the wealth of resources available.

This back-to-school event reaffirmed Supdeco Dakar’s commitment to educational excellence and preparation for the professional world. New recruits are now ready to embark on their academic journey, equipped with the knowledge and opportunities offered by this renowned